Program Airborne Memorials

Normally you wild find here the full program of the Airborne Commemorations and activities in the Arnhem area.

Due to measurements and government regulations regarding Covid19/Corona, we are not able to present you a program at this moment. We rely on your understanding.


The dates for the next Airborne Commemorations have not yet been set definite.

At this moment we have knowledge of the cancelation of the following 2020 events.

September 5: Airborne March

September 12: Polentocht (Poland March) Driel

September 18/19: Airborne Renkum DropzoneX

September 19: Airborne Tattoo Oosterbeek

September 19: Mass Para Drop Ginkel Heath Ede
(an alternative commemoration is being considered)


Please note: The program is subject to changes.

Last update: May 8, 2020

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