The objective of the Airborne Commemoration Foundation (ACF):

To determine the formal programme of the Battle of Arnhem, to coordinate and, if necessary, execute all related affairs. The various organisations involved in the commemorations, as well as the municipalities of Arnhem, Ede, Overbetuwe and Renkum and the province of Gelderland are represented in the foundation. The ACF is a non-profit organisation, supported by the municipalties and province.


The ACF has been registered at the Arnhem Chamber of Commerce under number 41051662.


Support and Donations
In case you want to endorse the objectives of the ACF, like to support us and want to donate, please contact the ACF, or make a donation to IBAN: NL73ABNA0536666199.


The Airborne municipalities affiliated with ACF have signed a covenant with the National Fund for Peace, Freedom and Veterans Care (vfonds). This fund annually supports more than two hundred projects that focus on:

1. Recognition for, and appreciation of, veterans and other uniformed persons (in the public service);
2. Keeping alive the memory of war and peace missions, remembering, commemorating and commemorating victims of conflicts and celebrating freedom.
All this with a view to
3. The preservation of peace, democracy, the rule of law and the promotion of the international legal order.

The ACF endorses these objectives and advises associated organizations in contacts with the vfonds.

Airborne Region

The ACF has already taken the lead in 2014 to develop a partnership between the four Airborne municipalities of Arnhem, Ede, Renkum and Overbetuwe.

This partnership, called Airborne Region, is committed to maintaining and implementing a multi-year policy plan in the context of the commemoration, the awareness and the experience surrounding the Battle of Arnhem.

Support by the Province of Gelderland

The activities of the Airborne Commemoration Foundation are supported by the Province of Gelderland.


The ACF endorses the activities of:



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