Airborne Memorial Service Oosterbeek

On the CWGC Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery at Oosterbeek more than 1.750 Allied soldiers are buried. They fell in battle during the Battle of Arnhem.

On the first Sunday after September 17, a memorail service is held and they are commemorated with solemn homage in the presence of veterans, their relatives and thousands of interested parties.

Traditionally ‘flower children’- schoolchildren from Renkum municipality – lay flowers at the gravestones.

A white stone sarch is placed at each grave. On the field of honor is a ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ made of Portland stone, on which a bronze sword is attached. In the foreground of the cemetery is ‘The stone of memory’. The establishment of British honorary fields is uniform in all 140 countries where the Commonwealth War Graves Commission is responsible for the maintenance of the war graves.

Town: Oosterbeek

Location: CWGC Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery

Date: September 22, 2024

 Time: 11.00 hrs



Tel.: +31 (0)26 33 41 340

Before, after and during this memorial service, the following house rules apply.


The Airborne Memorial Service ia an official remembrance service and visitors are requested:

  • to behave in a serious and respectful manner;
  • not to smoke or use vapes;
  • turn of your mobile phone or swithc to silent mode;
  • the consumption of (alcoholic) bevrages and food is prohibited;
  • domestic animal with the exception of trained rescue dogs are not allowed;
  • follow the directions given by authorized persons.


As re-enactor you wear the uniform from soldiers of the second world war. At all times handle this uniform with respect and pay your respect towards those who wore this uniform. Always be aware of the impact your behaviour has on others.

During the memorial service it is not allowed to:

  • enter the cemetery in full historic battle dress, incl helmets, amunition pouches, etc.

  • carry, wear or have on you (historic) weapons, incl. blanc weapons such as knives, swords, daggers, sabers, bajonets, batons or others.
  • wear German (historic) military uniforms and/or symbols of fascist and national socialistic movements, such as SS, NSB or NSDAP

  • wearing ren-enactment uniforms decorated with official decorations or insignia out of respect to the fallen, their next of kin relatives and veterans.
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