Air Despatch Memorial Oosterbeek

Remembrance service at the monument for Air Despatchers active during the Battle of Arnhem, who gave their lives dropping supplies. The ‘Air Despatch Memorial’ in Oosterbeek (municipality of Renkum) is a masonry memorial stone, consisting of three panels. The central panel consists of a parachute carved in natural stone with supply baskets and the insignia of the Royal Army Service Corps and the Airborne Forces. A bronze Dakota was placed in the parachute. A bronze plaque is attached to the bottom of the central panel. Bronze plaques are placed on the side panels. The text on the placard of the central panel reads: ‘DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF THE AIR DESPATCHES OF THE TOYSL ARMY SERVICE CORPS WHO, TOGETHER WITH AIRCREW OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE AND THE ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE, GAVE THEIR LIVES IN VALIANT ATTEMPTS TO RESUPPLY THE AIRBORNE FORCES DURING THE BATTLE OF ARNHEM (OPERATION MARKET GARDEN) 18TH – 25TH SEPTEMBER, 1944. ERECTED BY THEIR COMRADES AND AIR DESPATCHERS PAST AND PRESENT, WITH THE GENEROUS ASSISTANCE OF THE BURGOMASTER AND ALDERMEN OF RENKUM, AND OTHER KIND DUTCH FRIENDS. 18TH SEPTEMBER, 1994.’ On the side panels are the names of 79 members of the Air Despatch Squadron who were killed during the Battle of Arnhem.
Air Despatch Monument Oosterbeek.
Town: Oosterbeek
Location: Van Limburg Stirumweg
Date: September 18,  2022 Time: 16.00 hrs Tel.: +31 (0)6-40503984

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