Remembrance Song

At the Airborne commemoration 2015 at Arnhem, a story about a remembrance song was read by the cermonial leader. A similar story was read again by the vicar at the Airborne commemoration at Oosterbeek:


On 18th of September 1944 private Alfred Guthrie departed from Leicester, as a parachutist of the 4th brigade of the parachute regiment Army Air Corps of the 1st Airborne Division, to fight at the Battle of Arnhem. His army number was 4469508. Only a day after landing on September 19, he lost his life. He was only 27 years of age and was later buried at the Airborne cemetery at Oosterbeek. If he ever was at this bridge, the story doesn’t tell.


Fifty years after his death, on a Sunday morning a Brit, interested in the battle of Arnhem, suddenly appeared silent at his grave. Just like that, for no apparent reason. While he was standing there, he hears music in his head, the same melody over and over again. He cannot read musical notes, but that evening he plays the music on the piano at once and sees himself standing at that grave. Nigel Everett plays the melody again and again. The next day he meets up with his friend Tony Mills, tells him the story, plays the music and Tony adds words to it. The song gets the title “Remembrance” , was later on recorded in a church and is now on YouTube. The last sentence of the song reads:


And as our thoughts they spread across the years
remembering those who died with pride and tears
as the red petals fall, every life we recall,
as we still remember them.


We will remember them.


On YouTube:

Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
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