Program Airborne Memorials

Airborne Commemorations Programme 2023

The programme of the Airborne commemorations is ready to publish. Not all events have been finalized yet and therefor under reservation.

Click on the programme image to download and or print the document (opens in new window). In case of any republication please always mention the source:

click on the programme image to download

Update 28-4: text corrections

Update 18-6: change start time Renkum Airborne 15/9

Update 21-8: Airborne Cycle Tour (27/8) cancelled

Update 14-8: change start time Royal Engineers monument

Update 17-8: edition version Airborne March

Airborne Newspaper

The Airborne Newspaper 2023.

In Dutch only.

Again a very readable and informative newspaper with background stories, explanations, historical facts and much more.

This year, the activity calendar around the commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem is added again.

The newspaper is distributed middle of the year door-to-door in the region and can also be picked up at div. bookstores, tourist offices, museums and info centers in the region.

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